Halvorson Music Studio Students of the Month (July 2019)

Congratulations, Mallory and Sami! You have only been in piano since March of 2019 and entered Class F of the Mid-America Music Association Piano Solo event and earned your trophies in July. Class F is the 2nd level of this piano festival. Both of their pieces were memorized and they earned a trophy by getting an average of 95 or higher on both pieces. Fantastic work and playing!

Halvorson Music Studio Student of the Month (September 2019)

Elliott, you are the Halvorson Music Studio student of the month. You already have one piece memorized with great dynamics and are fine tuning your Halloween composition for the upcoming Halloween recital in October. Go Elliott!!!

  • Age and ability levels - We have openings and accept students ages 5 through adult and all abilities.  1-4 students are in a 60 or 80 minute partner lesson each week. Lessons are a hybrid and provide the best of both private and group lessons. Students play acoustic grand pianos and other digital pianos while learning solos, ensembles, theory, sight reading, ear training, technique, transposition and composition. Music games are played for fun review. These activities partnered with consistent practicing habits, produce happy students who play well and want to learn more. We accept special needs students (special needs students may require private lessons or limited number in a partner lesson, to be determined by the teacher). The First Lesson Visit is Free.
  • Motivating Students - Most pieces are played at lessons with tips for practicing before the student goes home to practice, creating more confidence in practicing at home. Ask us questions. We send reports. Lessons are required all year, it keeps students learning. Piano Camps, are a fun alternative to regular lessons. Cool practicing tools: Music Perceptions creates materials for easier learning. Some of our books are being converted for the wonderful, interactive iPad app: Superscore Music; An on-line music curriculum, Music Learning Community, helps students learn faster. Video, .mid and .mp3 recordings help students with practicing at home. Students, parents and teacher working towards the same goals, creates happy students. The First Lesson Visit is Free.
  • Saving Time with Scheduling Flexibility - New lesson inquiries: Fill in the form on the Home page of www.halvorsonmusicstudio.com Use the Calendar (left side of the My Music Staff Screen) to schedule a free trial lesson in an open lesson spot, (ex. 2/4). Current students: Use Parent/Student Portal to Check your schedule; Cancel and reschedule lessons; Schedule recitals and Piano camps. Skype and Facetime lessons are available (ask your teacher). Every student has lesson conflicts which can't be avoided. Please cancel and reschedule at least 3 hours before your normally scheduled lesson (before noon). Lessons canceled with fewer than 3 hours prior notification on the scheduled lesson day forfeit the lesson cost. Regular lesson attendance, each week, and daily practice, keeps students learning, happy and playing.
  • Lesson Tuition - Each student pays a flat lesson fee per month paying for Lesson Tuition and business expenses. Student's materials and contest fees are extra. Reducing accounting gives us more time to plan for lessons and the ability to spend more time with students at lessons. Invoices are emailed the first of each month and can be viewed through the Parent/Student Portal. Payment is due the 15th of the month. Try it now!                                                                    

Current Parent/Student Portal

"Thanks for this note. We are so happy with her progress with you. Night and day difference from what she experienced with her last teacher. Thank you for all you do! " Nicole

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. LeAnn, Thank you for teaching me!" Nolan

"Dear Mrs. Halvorson, thank you so much, for teaching me piano. I like it very much. Love, Hektor."

#7. Clavinova Festival, December 2018 - Greg, thanks for listening so well. You are really mastering this skill. 

Greg, is in the 0-3 year stage of piano lessons. It is so nice having such a happy student who works so hard while at lessons. 

#8. Clavinova Festival, December 2018 - Elliott, you worked hard to have a great command over your performance.

Elliott is in the 2-6 year stage of piano lessons. He is improving a lot and it is so fun to hear his progress.